Apple/Bumpy Bananas 0.9kg - 1kg

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  • Please note that Bananas will come in a variation of sizes, weights and colours.
  • What is picked and packed is purely based on availability at that time
  • Some Bananas MAY be cut in singles to meet the weight of the order.
  • We aim to send these bananas on the greener side so they have more time to ripen. If green bananas are not available, it is likely ripe yellow bananas will arrive which would be ready or close to ready to eat.


A very special small variety of banana that is sweet and creamy. The texture is also different to a supermarket bought Cavendish banana.

These organic untreated bananas may have blemishes on the skin. They also tend to have marks on the sides towards the top of the fruit. This is caused by the way they rest on adjacent bananas when they grow in tightly packed bunches. Please be assured that an Apple banana with a few marks on the skin will still taste just as amazing!

They are extremely nutritious; rich in potassium, riboflavin, niacin and fibre, and the rapid energy boost given by their high sugar levels means that they're a great snack.


To eat straight away, go for bananas with small patches of black/brown on the skin. When ripe, the skin of these bananas may start to split. Otherwise, choose the yellow and green bananas and ripen them at room temperature. Bananas that are green all over are unripe and can't be eaten at this stage.


In a fruit bowl or in sunlight. Apple bananas ripen quickly. Refrigerate to slow the ripening process.

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