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Protective styling has been upped a notch with the arrival of Passion Twists, and fans of the boho tresses can get the look using Urban Twist. One pack contains three generous bundles of springy two-strand twists, which collectively give the appearance of unravelled locs with a curly texture. Wearers love the fact that it’s lightweight and can be installed using gentle methods.

  • Made from Premium Synthetic Fibre
  • Itch-free and anti-bacterial
  • Water repellent and lightweight
  • Can be installed in a variety of ways, including loop crocheting

For a thicker and more voluminous style, twist at least two individual strands together and seal with hot water.

  • Type of hair: Synthetic
  • Type of product: Pre-looped braids
  • Packs used for full head: 3-4 packs 
  • PASSION Length: 18” Weight / pack: 144g



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