Sparrow’s Premium Rum 750ml


The name of course comes from Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and got its name after The Curse of the Black Pearl was filmed on the island. It comes in the same simple style bottle as Captain Bligh XO but has a dark label. On it there is a picture of a ship and a map of Saint Vincent & The Grenadines. 

In the glass the rum takes on a brown brassy tone. Sparrow’s Rum is initially spicy with green bananas. There is a lot of caramel and a nice bourbony vanilla with a bit of coconut baked goods and fruit, reminiscent of a Sunday morning bakery. A bitter sweet entry of caramel and stone fruit. It is a very light bodied rum, warming, with a bit of alcohol and soft round vanilla and caramel. The finish is clean, dry and relatively short.

Perfect for use in cocktails.

ABV. 40%