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Nag Champa Fragrance Oil (Goloka)


Product description

Oil with Nag Champa aroma, a sweet and floral fragrance.

Uplifts mood and acts as a stress buster.

Nag champa is a beautiful yellow Asian flower that blossoms in India on the champag tree and is also known as 'Plumeria'. The aroma is sweet and tropical. She is one of the most sold incense fragrances in the world. Nag Champa makes you aware of the relative world and for that reason is experienced as enlightening. The basis of this aroma is the plumeria flower itself, but also gaiakwood, palmarosa, clove and vetiver.

Perfume your home or office with this exquisite scent of Nag Champa.

Caution: Exclusive use for aroma diffusers and oil burners, not for topical use.

1 bottle of 10 ml, presented in a beautiful case and display box full of design and colour.

An excellent and supportive Christmas or else gift.

Origin: India

Fill the aroma burner with water and add about 2-3 drops of the fragrance oil. Light the tea light and place it under the aroma holder. Once the water is heated and evaporated, the aromatic odor will rise.
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Nag Champa Fragrance Oil (Goloka)


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