Herbal Choice Luobuma Hibiscus Sorrel with Gynostemma 40g - 20 Tea Bags

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Our Strong Luobuma and Hibiscus Tea is a unique blend of luobuma, ​hibiscus​, gynostemma, mulberry leaves, and ​ginger​. These ​herbal tea​ elements have been used in ​traditional Chinese medicine ​for centuries for reducing ​blood pressure​ and ​cholesterol​. This versatile, premium-quality tea​ can be enjoyed hot or as a rejuvenating ​iced tea.​


Luobuma is a wild ​herb​ grown only in remote arid regions of southeast Europe and Asia. We bring you all the benefits of this ​medicinal plant​ in one convenient t​ea bag​. Research shows that luobuma, hibiscus and ginger promote stress reduction and relieve symptoms associated with asthma. Luobuma is also a great source of fibre which is beneficial for ​weight loss​. This tea is an amazing midday pick-me-up as it improves ​blood​ circulation, mental cognition and relieves fatigue without the caffeine​.


  • Botanical Name:​ Apocynum venetum
  • Quantity: ​20 herbal tea bags
  • Total tea box content:​ 48g
  • Ingredients:​ Luobuma, hibiscus, gynostemma, mulberry leaves, ginger


  • Caffeine-free
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavouring
  • No GMOs

At Crown Herbal Products, we ethically source all of our tea products as we only want to serve you the best possible products and experience. We have spent years of research to produce the highest quality teas around. Our success depends on your complete satisfaction.

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