Fieldsway Constitution Bitters 750ml


Fieldsway Constitution Bitters (Herbal Bitter Drink) - 750ml 

Bitter to the Taste, Sweet to the System.

A Blend of Seven Herbal Bitters

  • Constitution Bitters
  • Herbal Bitter Drink
  • Blend of Seven Herbal Bitters
  • Shake Well before Use
  • Keep Chilled

Ingredients: Aqueous extracts of; Ash (bitter,(picrand excelsa), aloes (African platylepia), aloe vera (sinklebible), ash-mountain (sorbus ancupapia), wormwood (artemisa absinthium), sorocea, alica, diocia, rice bitters, quassia, puran, kola bark, preservative, sulphur dioxide, potassium, sorbic acid with vitamin c (ascorbic acid).