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    Country Kitchen Barbados Black Strap Molasses 355ml

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    Blackstrap molasses is the result of sugar cane’s refining process. Sugar cane is mashed to create juice which boiled once to create cane syrup and twice to create molasses which has the consistency of syrup.

    A dark viscous liquid (like treacle) is created when boiled for the third time, which is known blackstrap molasses. It has the lowest sugar content of any sugar cane product and has a bitter taste. However it is sweet so use sparingly.

    Used to add natural sweetness to cakes, teas and coffees, and is used as a glaze for roast meats and poultry. 

    Did you know? Molasses is rich in calcium, potassium and antioxidants and is a good source of iron. It is also a good alternative to refined sugar.

    Keep bottle tightly sealed when not in use. No need to refrigerate molasses after opening but it should help in retaining the quality for longer.

    Ingredients: Pure third boil Barbados Sugarcane Molasses

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    Country Kitchen Barbados Black Strap Molasses 355ml

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