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    Chimarrão Promate Mate Gourd with Straw

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    Promate Mate Gourd with Straw Brazilian Style

    Cuia Mate Gourds have wide top openings with a sponge like interior. These types of gourds tend to be larger and wider to help support drinking the refined grounded Erva Mate/Chimarrao Style. Along with the cup, the bombilla, aka the filter straw, is different as well. The filter part of the straw is a large circular shape with pin holes to help better filter the mate, as compared to Argentinean-style bombillas.

    If you drink Erva Mate/ Chimarrao regularly, or are just curious for the first time and want to try the Brazilian Style Yerba Mate, this is a great product and preferred by many.

    Chimarrão is a style of Yerba Mate and a local favourite in Rio Grande do Sul (a state in southern Brazil).

    The composition of the leaf is in the form of a powder, unlike the full leaves of the traditional Yerba Mate. The powdered consistency provides a creamy texture to the brew.

    The Chimarrão Ritual In Brazil, the drinking of Yerba Mate, is practiced as a social ritual. Friends and family gather in a circle as the host prepares the beverage in a‘cuia’ (gourd) and drinks the first infusion with a filtered straw called a‘bomba’ or ‘bombilla’.

    This is imported from Brazil and handmade.

    Product Dimensions: 3.94 x 3.94 x 5.2 inches 

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    Chimarrão Promate Mate Gourd with Straw


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