Arabian Myrrh Aroma Oil

The history of Myrrh is undeniable and Goloka have brought this fragrance alive when used in an oil burner, diffuser or in potpourri.

Like all Goloka products, this has a wonderful aroma. The information on the packet reads Uplifting & Euphoric boosts confidence, reduces fears and anxieties, restores optimism and energy.

Perfect for bringing protection to your home and confidence in your daily decisions, healing, purification and spirituality aiding in meditation.

Like Frankincense Myrrh, this has a subtle sweet scent that lasts a long time after the oil burner has evaporated the oil/water. To use just fill your oil burner with water and add approx. 2-3 drops of the oil. Light your tea light and sit back and relax.

10ml bottle

Always keep oil burners out of reach of children and pets.