Top Aroma Oils Needed for a Happy Home and Their Benefits

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Aroma oils have a variety of therapeutic benefits. There are a range of methods when it comes to using them but all methods equally have a positive effect on the body, mind and emotions. Here's a simple guide for different aroma's and how they are suitable for different moods and situations.

Arabian Myrrh 

Arabian Myrrh is best known as a fragrance that is uplifting and euphoric; especially when you want a confidence booster. For example, if it's your first day at a new job or school and you're feeling nervous or anxious then Arabian Myrrh helps manage these emotions. It reduces fears and anxieties as well as restores optimism and energy.

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Himalayan White Musk 

Are you having restless nights? Relive your stress with the help of Himalayan White Musk. Himalayan White Musk has many benefits to tackle this issue such as promoting good sleep and aids in meditation. This fragrance put's the mind to rest and gets rid of any negative feelings the make you anxious.

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Egyptian Jasmine

You know that feeling when you're bored because everything around you is the same and repetitive? Well, Egyptian Jasmine changes that for the better. Egyptian Jasmine recharges the atmosphere to bring a smile to your face. Especially when you're feeling drained, this fragrance replenishes and restores energy levels bringing you back on your feet and able to finish your day with enthusiasm.

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Here are a few oils we recommend for the following:

 Best Aroma Oils for Meditation: 

Best Aroma Oils for Soothing:

Best Aroma Oils for Mood Lifting:

Pure Aroma Oils

Which aroma did you learn something new about? Have you added a new oil to your wish list from our range?

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Top Aroma Oils Needed for a Happy Home and Their Benefits