3 Hassle-Free Hairstyles for Afro-Caribbean Hair Types

3 Hassle-Free Hairstyles for Afro-Caribbean Hair Types

Picture this, it's 7pm in the evening and you're getting ready to go out with your besties. You start to put on the outfit you picked last night whilst in deep convo on Facetime with one of your besties about what they're wearing to the event too. After you have finished putting on your make-up, you feel as though you'll soon be ready to leave for your night out with the girls.

Not so fast.

Your hair has not been done. You grow fustrated as the last-minute styles you had briefly planned in your head look just that, last minute and messy!

Your fustration grows and you search on Pinterest for simple styles to do but you cannot find a style to do because your hair is either too short or not the right length or texture.

You go to your favourite black hair influencer; but with no idea or inspiration you're just stranded and back at sqaure one!

You look at your trusty bonnet in times of dispair. Lost.

Just Lost. Time is ticking, friends are calling but your hair is still a mess!

Looking in the mirror - it's just you and the ‘fro, the 'fro and you.

Well if this sounds like you, I've got you covered. Here are some easy and hassle-free short to medium hairstyles for your 'fro and you.

1. Natural Hair Twists 

To clarify, this hairstyle needs some prep time yes, but you'll find that hair in twists will mean your hair is always ready.

Natural hair twists can be achieved with your natural hair or with 'Marley' braids. Make sure to grease or moisturise your scalp with an oil and leave-in conditioner - especially if you have really thick hair (e.g. 4a-4e).

Conditioners are good for moisture in addition to holding the hair and stretching your strands out and defining your curls. 

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2. ‘Fro Hawk 

My second favourite go-to hairstyle is a ‘fro hawk. There's no need for detangling and no need for hassle as all you need is a few hair pins or a banana clip and you are good to go!

Use of gel or a wax is not needed but can be used as an option if you prefer a more sleek look. Personally, I prefer to use the Gummy Wax just to hold my edges and a mix of an oil and leave in conditioner just to hydrate the roots and ends of my hair.

This hairstyle is convenient as its easy to do however making sure your hair is LOCed (Liquid, Oiled & Conditioned) before leaving the house.

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3. Twist Out 

Twist outs are very simple and if they are done correctly, they will look amazing and will go with any occasion or outing. It's really important that when you are doing your twist out, you're also caring for your hair - especially the ends.

You must make sure that your twists are fully moisturised, hydrated and sealed with an oil. Doing this style will also help your hair grow as it creates no stress on the hair with tugging and pulling.

To clarify, this style is best when prepped overnight in twists before the unravel as this will help the style to lock and set. You will not achieve the same effect if the twists are made and unravelled in a short space of time.

Now picture this...

It's 7pm in the evening and you're getting ready to go out with your besties but this time, you've planned out your style with one of these three methods.

No stress, no hassle.

What is your go-to easy hairstyle?

By Tara-Louise H

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