Kreative Kaz and Her Matching Bonnets Are a Vibe That We Couldn’t Miss

Kreative Kaz and Her Matching Bonnets Are a Vibe That We Couldn’t Miss

Kaz Kamwi has been dazzling Love Island’s viewers with her simple yet stylish nightwear. Who knew you could look so fashionable to bed?

Love Island's Kaz has been recognised by viewers for her amazing choices of fashion; especially for her night-time outfits which consist of colour coordinated bonnets and silky pj’s. Many viewers love Kaz representing the natural hair community with her matching bonnets and pyjamas. I personally love seeing a black female rocking the bonnet with style on TV, it is so refreshing to see!

Kaz’s iconic looks have become a trend all over Twitter and blog pages.

kaz bonnets

Kaz's creativity skills were shown to us first when she paired her pink silky satin bonnet with her matching pink vest and shorts pyjama set from the well-known brand Pretty Little Thing. Then she courageously coordinated a blue satin bonnet with a luxe looking blue lace set! We’re loving it #dresstoimpress

 “On Wednesdays we wear pink” #pinkwednesday 

So, why does Kaz wear a bonnet to sleep?

For those of you that aren’t aware, wearing bonnets to bed have many benefits for the hair for example:

  • Bonnets, especially silky ones, help protect the hair from forming split ends
  • Helps protect hair against friction and frizzing 
  • It makes sure that none of the products in the hair get onto the pillow because this can cause irritations on the face
  • Allows hair to absorb and retain moisture 
  • Bonnets also protect the fragile baby hairs

kaz bonnet

There were various tweets about Kaz and her night time fashionable wear:

Tweet 1: “Where does Kaz get these matching bonnets & pajama sets!!?? Cause I just need to know!”

Tweet 2: “Kaz has a great collection of bonnets, I’ve never seen a variety like this in my life.”

The public love her trendy bedtime styles and so do we!

Do you often co-ordinate your bonnet with pj’s? If not, will you give it a try?

By Praises A

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