Top Traditional Dishes Made in Caribbean Households

Top Traditional Dishes Made in Caribbean Households


Callaloo is a well known vegetable dish. Across the Caribbean islands there are a range of variants of the dish and as time has progressed, islanders have added and changed things to their taste. This dish is infused with:

  • Staple green leafy vegetables
  • Onions and garlic
  • Tomatoes and thyme
  • Scotch bonnet & cayenne pepper 

Many Caribbean children grew up eating Callaloo after school. Caribbean parents intentionally feed their children Callaloo because of it’s nutritious benefits. Callaloo has:

  • a range of proteins that makes it great for building muscle
  • high fibre which helps to prevent constipation as well as boost the immune system

As a child, growing up Caribbean, I always wondered why Callaloo was a dish that my mother always made. This was because she was aware of its benefits for the human body.
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 Ackee and Saltfish 

ackee and saltfishAckee and Saltfish is a dish that originated in Jamaica and is referred to as Jamaica’s national dish. In the UK, many Jamaicans that live in the UK still prepare their national dish despite not being in Jamaica and the tradition still carries on today. Ackee and Saltfish can make a perfect breakfast or brunch.

According to the Guardian:

“The Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt often began his day with the Jamaican classic for breakfast.

Ackee has many nutrients and is rich in elements like potassium which is very beneficial.
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Rice and peas

rice and peas


Rice and peas is another popular Caribbean dish infused with herbs, spices and coconut. Rice and peas is a dish that has been prepared for over centuries. Many Caribbean's carry on the tradition that their ancestors started years back. This authentic dish makes a tasty as well as nutritious meal for the entire family.

Rice and Peas is nearly served at every dinner table across the island, especially when it's Christmas or Easter.
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  Curry Goat

curry goat

Curry Goat is a common dish mainly served with rice. Curry Goat has an interesting history behind its origin, for example:

  • Most believe the dish originated in the Indian subcontinent, later brought to the Caribbean in the 17th century when the East Indian settlers came to live in the Caribbean
  • Curry goat is a favourable dish in Asia as well as in the Caribbean
  • Curry goat is said to be one of the top ten every day meals in a Caribbean household

If you ever went to a Caribbean party, 8 out of 10 chances you would see curry goat being served - that’s simply because of it is exquisite taste and delicious flavours.

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What are some traditional dishes you cook in your household?
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