7 Traditional Caribbean Food Recipes You Must Try!

7 Traditional Caribbean Food Recipes You Must Try!

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Hello food lovers, have you tried out a Caribbean meal before and enjoyed every bite? You might also be someone who wants to try out recipes from your roots, we’ve got you. A quick one before delving into these mouthwatering dishes is that Caribbean meals are a combination of different flavours ranging from Africa to Latin America and South Asia. The end result of this fusion is bold, spicy, and fresh hot meals. Caribbean meals also make use of lots of tropical fruits (jackfruit, breadfruit, ackee etc) and meats (fish, pork, beef, and poultry) to name a few.

Below are some of the Caribbean food recipes you should try out.

Callaloo Soup

Made with green vegetables like Taro, Eddo or Dasheen leaves cooked with okra, pepper, and coconut milk; this soup is one of the dishes widely taken in Caribbean countries. It is a very refreshing soup that leaves you asking for more. 

Ingredients include coconut milk, green vegetable leaves, onions, large crabs, okra stalks, beef, pimentos, scotch bonnet pepper, and salted butter.

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Jerk Chicken

This is one of the creative ways of cooking chicken in the Caribbean and there is no complete party without this finely grilled spicy chicken. The ingredients for this bowl of goodness typically include deboned chicken thighs, garlic cloves, black pepper, soy sauce, wood jerk seasoning, ground thyme, cooking oil, and salt. All the ingredients are mixed together except for the chicken which is then coated before grilling.

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Curry Goat

This is a goat meat dish prepared with traditional spices and has an enticing flavour that is refreshingly satisfying. The ingredients include goat meat, curry powder, bay leaves, black pepper, Serrano peppers, and cooking oil. Add minced carrots, Ram-It-Up and all spice (pimento) for an extra boost!

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Coconut Milk Rice and Peas

As a lover of rice dishes, this Caribbean rice meal will make you fall in love all over again with rice. Made with sweet coconut milk and peas, the flavour will get you drawn no doubt! 

The main ingredients of this dish include  white basmati rice, red kidney beans, coconut milk, sugar, ginger, zested lime, cinnamon stick, salted butter, and minced garlic clove. 

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Caribbean Coconut Chicken

You would have realised that coconut plays a major role in the enticing results of Caribbean meals. This specially formulated mix of flavors and aroma makes it one of the easy and sought-after Caribbean meals. 

To get the perfect feel of the Coconut chicken recipe, you will need chicken breasts, sunflower oil, chopped onions, chopped green and red peppers, grated coconut, lime, apricot jam, red chili paste, salt, butter, and ground paprika.

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Sweet Potato Caribbean Curry

This mouthwatering and bold dish is for lovers of sweet potatoes. A combination of green peas, garbanzo beans, and tiny, sweet potato chunks are immersed in spiced coconut milk and allowed to simmer.

Caribbean Chicken Tacos

This is a combination of everything tropical that you can imagine - coated and tasty chicken tacos are topped with Caribbean Salsa which contains mango, pineapple, red onions, and cilantro. 

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Which of the above Caribbean dishes are you going to try soon?

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