Meko Hot Shito (Hot Pepper Sauce)

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Shito – MEKO is an authentic pepper sauce originated from Ghana and mostly used in Ghanaian cuisine. This is the original recipe owned to the Ga tribe.

MEKO (Shito) sauce is a blend of vegetable Oil, ginger, prawns (crustaceans), powdered chilli and spices. MEKO is used with a variety of dishes including kenkey, fried yam or potato, hard-boiled eggs, plain, fried or steamed rice, eba, waakye (rice and beans), for a quick snack I have it with flatbread or bread-sticks and any other food you like spicy for example BBQ food. Indeed its uses have been adapted to that of a local ketchup or chilli oil. It is not uncommon to find shito being eaten with white, brown, wholemeal bread or spring rolls. It goes well with fish, chicken or meat dishes. In most Chinese restaurants across Ghana and indeed elsewhere, shito replaces chilli oil as a condiment.

If you are a lover of good and lovely heat when it comes to food then this is for you!!

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