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    Herbal Choice Strong Egyptian Camomile Tea - 24 Tea Bags

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    Looking for a subtle way to relieve the tensions of your day? Indulge in the natural well-being of our high-quality Strong Egyptian Camomile Tea. Camomile tea has been savoured since the times of the Ancient Egyptians for its soothing gold-coloured infusion of refined natural sweetness.


    We have expanded our tea selection and added camomile to our line of health-boosting teas.

    Our Strong Egyptian Camomile Tea is nature’s sleep aid. Enjoy a cup after dinner to promote digestion and detoxification. This is the ultimate brew to aid in relaxation as it is an antispasmodic which is highly beneficial for relieving muscle tension and menstrual cramps.

    With camomile’s natural cooling properties, you can also place the tea bags on your face to moisturise and reduce inflammation.

    So many benefits at such an affordable price!


    •  Botanical name:​ Matricaria recutita

    • Quantity: 24 herbal tea bags

    • Total tea box content: 48g

    •  Ingredients: ​100% pure Egyptian camomile



    • Caffeine-free

    • No preservatives

    • No artificial flavouring

    • No GMOs
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    Herbal Choice Strong Egyptian Camomile Tea - 24 Tea Bags


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