Chief Shadon Beni Chutney 370ml

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Chief Shadon Beni Chutney

Shadon Beni is a dark green, thumb-shaped, sawtooth-edged herb with a taste similar to cilantro. In Trinidad and Tobago, the name Shadow Bennie or Shado Bene is actually derived from the French Patois term Chadon Bene, meaning “Blessed Herb.” However, and possibly confusing things further, the Indo-Trinidadian population in Trinidad and Tobago refer to Eryngium Foetidum as Bandhania which is derived from the Hindi word, dhania, which means Coriander Seed.

Shadon Beni (bhandhania) chutney is probably the freshest of the chutneys made. Combined with garlic and some hot sauce, Chatak's Shadon Beni Chutney goes well with some hot pholourie or anything else really. If you want a little herbed spicyness flavour to your dish then have a go! You can try it with doubles, split peas rice or pelau, or you could even have some with some rice and dhal and smoked herring. This is guaranteed to add the little extra flavour you may need to just about anything, enjoy!

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