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DAX Pomade 14oz
Dax Bees-Wax With Royal Jelly 213g
Dax Black Beeswax 397g
Dax Indian Hemp 397g
DAX Kocatah Dry Scalp Relief 14oz
DAX Coconut Oil 14oz
DAX Marcel Curling Wax 14oz
DAX Short and Neat 3.5oz
DAX Wave & Groom 3.5oz
DAX Green & Gold
Save £2.09
DAX Hair Shaper 3.5oz
DAX Neat Waxes 3.5oz
DAX Super-Neat 3.5oz
DAX Super Lanolin 14oz
DAX Super Light Pomade 14oz
DAX High & Tight Awesome Shine 3.5oz
DAX Hair Food Plus 4 7.5oz
DAX Indian Hemp Moisturiser 7.5oz

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