Laziza Yakhni Pulao Masala Seasoning Mix 100g

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Now, you can prepare a traditional Yakhni Pulao all within the comforts of your kitchen with Laziza's Yakhni Pulao Mix. It takes all the guesswork, time and preparation out of the equation – leaving you with that delicious, traditional, spicy dish that’s perfectly seasoned and ready for dinner in a quick pinch. Laziza's unique mix combines all those signature ingredients you know and love in a good masala. They’re all perfectly ground, mixed, and sealed, ensuring your fresh weeknight dinner is just a box away. Simply open up that package of jam-packed flavor, follow the instructions, and in minutes you’ll be enjoying a fantastic biryani masala. Choose from the various mouthwatering biryani recipes - Regular Biryani, Pulao Biryani, Sindhi Biryani and Bombay Biryani.

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