Jamaican Julie Mangoes (1kg - 1.2kg Approx)

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  • Please note that Mangoes will come in a variation of sizes, weights and colours.
  • What is picked and packed is purely based on availability at that time
  • We aim to send these Mangoes on the greener side so they have more time to ripen. If unripe Mangoes are not available, it is likely ripe Mangoes with enough time to travel and consume will arrive (ready or close to ready to eat).

The Julie is a mango renowned for its sweetness. It's a small to medium sized mango with a distinct shape that ripens from a deep green colour to a mix of red and green.

It has creamy fibreless flesh and is not to be missed while it's in season! The Julie mango is usually around for a few months - its season running longer than that of other varieties.

Also known as
Saint Julian.

Origin: Jamaica

Make sure your mango is ripe, then eat!

The Julie mango is best eaten fresh out of hand.

You may also use this mango for desserts, confectionery and juice.


Store at room temperature to ripen. Keep refrigerated once ripened.

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